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About Us

Rich Telford, Architect

California License #17,621

After graduating in 1972 from USC with a bachelor in architecture,
I began working in the construction industry directly with builders, architects and engineers coordinating construction projects.

Starting my own remodeling company in 1975 at Mammoth Lakes furthered my "hands-on" experience. All types of construction and occupancies were encountered, as well as snow country conditions.

1985 would find me architecturaly licensed in Nevada (up until 1997) and California (still licensed), and moved back to the Southland, working with JCC Development Corporation as Project Architect and Field Construction Liaison.

In 1988 I Began my independent firm, often associating with other architects and designers/builders.
My interactions with Jan Bartosik has been a most rewarding experience, due to the balanced presentation and communication package we both make available to our clients.

Jan Bartosik, Designer

Since graduating with my masters degree in design and urban planning in 1968, I have been involved in all types of related architectural work.

Starting out with architect/engineering firms, I began my freelance design firm in 1975.

Whether residential or commercial, I continue to deliver my own designs or consult with architects, such as Rich Telford, regularly.

With an Artist's background, I give a unique response to any design challenge.

Suite 201, 1112 Ocean Dr, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 - Tel: 310-374-6269 - email: richtelford@verizon.net